Thursday, August 2, 2007

Disillusion - Gloria

Band: Disillusion
Album: Gloria
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. The Black Sea
  2. Dread It
  3. Don't Go Any Further
  4. Avalanche
  5. Gloria
  6. Aerophobic
  7. The Hole We Are In
  8. Save the Past
  9. Lava
  10. Too Many Broken Cease Fires
  11. Untiefen
Two years after the stunning Back to Times of Splendor, Disillusion released Gloria. With this album, they tore done everything and built it up again. Rather than the long, epic Melodic Death laced songs, Gloria is full of interesting and unique guitar work and Industrial overtones. Every song is again a story and in Gloria each is wildly different, each track has a unique color, feel and sound. The music is layred, textured and complex, filled with much to explore and every song can be listened to again and again. Many people despise this album and compare it to Rammstein, but in my humble opinion it is a fantastic work of art.

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