Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Death in June - But, What Ends When the Symbol Shatters?

Band: Death in June
Album: But, What Ends When the Symbol Shatters?
Genre: Neo-Folk
Country of Origin: England
Year: 1992

Track Listing:
  1. Death Is the Martyr of Beauty
  2. He's Disabled
  3. The Mourner's Bench
  4. Because of Him
  5. D├Ždalus Rising
  6. Little Black Angel
  7. The Golden Wedding of Sorrow
  8. The Giddy Edge of Light
  9. Ku Ku Ku
  10. This Is Not Paradise
  11. Hollows of Devotion
  12. But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
But, What Ends When the Symbol Shatters? is an excellent little album by the legendary Death in June. Neo-Folk is basically idealic European Folk music mixed with a bit of Industrial/Electronica. I'm not sure how to better discribe it. Regardless, the album is beautiful and atmospheric, with almost chanted vocals. It's very meditative. According to wikiedpa, "He's Disabled", "The Mourner's Bench", "Because of Him", and "Little Black Angel" are covers/re-interpretations of songs from Jim Jones' People's Temple Choir 1973 gospel album He's Able. The original songs were "He's Able", "Something's Got a Hold of Me", "Because of Him", and "Black Baby", respectively."


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