Monday, September 17, 2007

Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape

Band: Sigh
Album: Imaginary Sonicscape
Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2001

Track Listing:
  1. Corpsecry - Angelfall
  2. Scarlet Dream
  3. Nietzchean Conspiracy
  4. A Sunset Song
  5. Impromptu (Allegro Maestoso)
  6. Dreamsphere (Return to Chaos)
  7. Ecstatic Transformation
  8. Slaughtergarden Suite
  9. Bring Back the Dead
  10. Requiem - Nostalgia
Imaginary Sonicscape is a pretty interesting album. The riffs are fantastic and the song structures interesting. Not everything is standard Black Metal, Sigh break downs boarders with songs like the poppy "A Sunset Song" and Stoner Doomish romp "Ecstatic Transformation." Permeating the album are fantastic synths and sound effects, orchestrated by Mirai Kawashima, including numerous, excellent hammond organ solos. Great stuff anyone who wants something interesting.

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