Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Valfunde/Amesoeurs - Split

Bands: Valfunde, Amesoeurs
Album: Valfunde/Amesoeurs Split
Genre: Black Metal (Valfunde), Black Metal/Post-Rock (Amesoeurs)
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Hopital (Valfunde)
  2. "Serenade" De Verlaine (Valfunde)
  3. Les Ruches Malades (Amesoeurs)
First post in 15 days! And just in time for Christmas, yay! This wonderful split contains two new Valfunde songs, which sound much like Peste Noire's Folkfuck Folie; not surprisingly, given that Valfunde is Famine's (solo?) project. The new Amesoeurs song is brilliant and features Audrey on vocals; the production is bit less polished but that doesn't stop the song from being gorgeous, clear and atmospheric.


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