Friday, May 23, 2008

VA - Metal Maniacs CD Sampler

Bands: Various Artists
Album: Metal Maniacs June/July 2008 Sampler
Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal (Ihsahn), Metalcore (Droid), Death/Doom Metal (Daylight Dies), Absolute Shit (Mental Restraint), Viking Metal (Týr), Doom Metal (Boris), Death Metal (Visions of the Night, Impending Doom, Facebreaker), Thrash Metal (Hemlock, Shackles) Black Metal (Saxorior), Thrash/Power Metal (Hexerei), Electronica and Symphonic influenced Progressive Metal (Dol Theeta), Heavy/Thrash Metal (Midnight Reign) Blackened Death Metal (Dimentianon)
Country of Origin: I'm not going to bother
Year: 2008 (compilation; varies by song)

Track Listing:
  1. Misanthrope (Ihsahn; angL)
  2. The Resurrection (Droid; Droid)
  3. A Portrait in White (Daylight Dies; Lost to the Living)
  4. Waterline (Mental Restraint; American Dreams)
  5. Gátu Ríma (Týr; Land)
  6. Statement (Boris; Smile)
  7. Human Failure (Visions of the Night; Nocturnal Militia)
  8. Backstabber (Hemlock; No Time for Sorrow)
  9. Silence the Oppressors (Impending Doom; Nailed, Dead, Risen)
  10. Johann Siegmund of Liebenau (Saxorior; Volkerschlacht)
  11. Eye for a Life (Hexerei; Paid in Full)
  12. Burner (Facebreaker; Dead, Rotten & Hungry)
  13. Mud (Dol Theeta; The Universe Expands)
  14. The Hollywood Rx (Midnight Reign; Never Look Back)
  15. Netzach (Dimentianon; Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum)
  16. Fer-de-lance (Shackles; Inquisitors)
This 16 track sampler comes with the most recent edition of Metal Maniacs and there are enough good tracks on it to warrent sharing it. My personal favorites are Ihsahn's "Misanthrope" from his new solo album, angL (which can be found on this blog a while back, along with his debut solo album); Daylight Dies' dark, melancholic and incredibly atmospheric Death/Doom piece "A Portrait in White"; Saxorior's epic Black/Folk Metal track "Johann Siegmund Of Liebnau"; Facebreaker's "Burner," a track played delightfully in the early Swedeath style that old school DM fans should love; Dol Theeta's incredibly unique track "Mud", which they refer to as " electronica-art-metal" but is really more of a blend of Progressive Metal with Symphonics, Operatic vocals and Electronica that turns out surprisingly well (you'll be hard pressed to find out information about them, but they're connected to the band Dol Ammad); and Midnight Reign's dirty "The Hollywood Rx". Other highlights are the tracks by Týr, Hexerei and Boris. Hemlock aren't too bad, but not the most notable. For the most part, the other bands suck but "Waterline" is worth listening to, just because Mental Restraint is one of the worst, most ridiculous "Metal" bands I've ever heard. Enjoy, I guess.

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Midnight Reign Legion said...

Glad you liked "The Hollywood Rx"
A copy of the album is yours if you'd like...JM