Monday, November 5, 2007


Band: Decapitated
Formed In: 1996
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country of Origin: Poland

In honor of Decapitated's now former drummer Vitek, who died on the 2nd, here's Decapitated's two best albums:

Album: Nihility
Year: 2002

Track Listing:
  1. Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)
  2. Eternity Too Short
  3. Mother War
  4. Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
  5. Names
  6. Spheres of Madness
  7. Babylon's Pride
  8. Symmetry of Zero
Decapitated's second album.

Album: Winds of Creation
Year: 2000

Track Listing:
  1. Winds of Creation
  2. Blessed
  3. The First Damned
  4. Way to Salvation
  5. The Eye of Horus
  6. Human's Dust
  7. Nine Steps
  8. Dance Macabre
  9. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer cover)
Decapitated's first album.

R.I.P. Vitek: 1/24/84 - 11/2/07

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