Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blood Red Fog - Blood Red Fog

Band: Blood Red Fog
Album: Blood Red Fog
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. Bloodthirsty Soil
  2. Ruins
  3. Follower
  4. Morbid Sleep
  5. Visions of Destruction
  6. Kingdom of Death
  7. Frozen
Blood Red Fog is a one man Depressive Black Metal band from Finland, masterminded by B.R.F. Blood Red Fog contains seven epic tracksl; the shortest, "Ruins," clocks in at 6:34, and the longest, "Frozen," is 14:55. Each song is full of memorable riffs, sometimes beautiful, like the waves of riffs in "Bloodthirsty Soil," and sometimes utterly bleak and depressing, like the painful and cold descending chords of "Visions of Destruction." The drums are simple but affective, making good use of the cymbals to bring a beat to the music, and topping off the music are the vocals. B.R.F. delivers his vocals uniquely. Rather than being up front, they echo in the back. No words are comprehensible at all, it's just the echoing and tortured wails of a ghost trapped in a cold Hell for all eternity. The album itself is a like a descent into Niflheim, the each song getting colder and more depressing than the last, finally finishing the the epic "Frozen." This album will crush your soul.

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