Sunday, July 15, 2007

Merrimack - Of Entropy and Life Denial

Band: Merrimack
Album: Of Entropy and Life Denial
Genre: Black Metal
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. Of Ashes And Purification
  2. Seraphic Conspiracy
  3. Melancholia Balneam Diaboli
  4. Redeem Restless Souls
  5. Insemination
  6. The Birth Of A Life's Sacerdoce
  7. Descension From Life
  8. Subcutaneous Infection
  9. Consecration Of The Temple
  10. Carnaceral
  11. Adiabatic Bonds Of Consanguinity
Merrimack play a grandiose style of Black Metal. Of Entropy and Life Denial displays a great increase in production value over their previous album, Ashes of Purification, but without sacrificing any atmosphere. Rather than using rawness to display atmosphere, they use myriad riff and tempo changes, in true Merrimack style. Each song is chockful of riffs, make each unique and truly alive, with the audible bass pounding below. The second track, "Seraphic Conspiracy," starts off blasting intensly and then slows down ritualistically before traveling through numerous other riffs and speeds. Every song is a pulsing invocation, a powerful praising of Satan. Track 6, "The Birth Of A Life's Sacerdoce," is particularly ritualistic and evocative; the vocals consisting of nothing but disturbing and eerie distorted narration. Spitting out the venomous words of worship is Terrorizt. His voice is raspy and hate filled, and the production and use of echo effects and multiple trackings of his vocals make him sound utterly demonic and take each track from merely being a song to being a powerful, unstoppable Satanic machine. Of Entropy and Life Denial is an infernal beast, sincerely dedicated to the Devil, and a force to be reckoned with.

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