Monday, July 16, 2007

Melechesh - Emissaries

Band: Melechesh
Album: Emissaries
Genre: Middle Eastern/Sumerian Black Metal
Country of Origin: Israel (early), The Netherlands (now)
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. Rebirth of The Nemesis
  2. Ladders To Sumeria
  3. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
  4. Touching The Spheres of Sephiroth
  5. Gyroscope (The Tea Party Cover)
  6. Double Helixed Sceptre
  7. The Scribes of Kur
  8. Leper Jerusalem
  9. Sand Grain Universe
  10. Emissaries And The Mysterium Magnum
  11. Extemporized Ophtalmic Release (Bonus Track)

Melechesh play Black Metal with a unique twist: their music is, at its very core, full of Middle Eastern melodies and sounds. Not in a gimmicky way like many bands, like Nile, do or in a way similar to Lykathea Aflame where there is very real melodies but it's not totally natural, Melechesh are right from the area and know the melodies by heart; it is in the band's very soul. Not only do they mix Middle Eastern folk melodies into the Black Metal, but they also have pure Middle Eastern Folk parts and songs, like "The Scribes of Kur." They use it to a breath taking and authentic end. Aside from being unique, their music carries great technical talent and can often be very complex. They gain a Sumerian tag too, their lyrics deal mainly with Sumeria and Sumerian mythology, rather than your average Satanic run of the mill content. All over, Emissaries is a taste of Ancient Sumeria and the Middle East in the package of skillfully played Black Metal.

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