Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Darkthrone - F.O.A.D.

Band: Darkthrone
Album: F.O.A.D.
Genre: Heavy Metal and Punk influenced Black Metal
Country of Origin: Norway
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. These Shores Are Damned
  2. Canadian Metal
  3. The Church Of Real Metal
  4. The Banners Of Old
  5. Fuck Off And Die
  6. Splitkein Fever
  7. Raised On Rock
  8. Pervertor Of The 7 Gates
  9. Wisdom Of The Dead
"Heavy Metal and Punk influenced Black Metal" seems like an akward way to describe this album, I know, but it's as close as I can get. It follows the particularly Punk trend of The Cult is Alive and NWOBHM (particularly on tracks like "Canadian Metal") and throws in some Heavy Metal worship (some songs are Black Sabbath-ish), creating a surprisingly varied and all around fun album. A lot of Darkthrone fans will hate this, I'm sure, but it's worth a try, at least. I think it's pretty neat.

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