Friday, March 7, 2008


Band: Bathory
Formed In: 1983
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal (Thrash and Viking later)
Country of Origin: Sweden

Album: Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Year: 1987

Track Listing:
  1. Nocturnal Obeisance
  2. Massacre
  3. Woman of Dark Desires
  4. Call from the Grave
  5. Equimanthorn
  6. Enter the Eternal Fire
  7. Chariots of Fire
  8. 13 Candles
  9. Of Doom...
  10. Outro

Album: Blood Fire Death
Year: 1988

Track Listing:
  1. Odens Ride over Nordland
  2. A Fine Day to Die
  3. The Golden Walls of Heaven
  4. Pace 'till Death
  5. Holocaust
  6. For All Those Who Died
  7. Dies Irae
  8. Blood Fire Death
  9. Outro

Bathory is the Possessed of Black Metal. Bathory took Thrash Metal and evolved it into some of the earliest specimen of Black Metal ever. When you listen to the riffing on these albums you'll immediately hear how much Black Metal owes Quorthon. Under the Sign of the Black Mark and Blood Fire Death are two of the most influential and important Black Metal albums to ever be released. In a recent review with Metal Maniacs, one of Vreid's members said that Vreid owed Bathory for their existence, and hopefully all Black Metal bands realize that as well, because they do, too. Under the Sign... and Blood Fire Death also happen to be amazing, down to the bone Black Metal albums. They manage to display both the aggressive and epic capabilities of Black Metal. Epic tracks like "Enter The Eternal Fire" and "A Fine Day To Day" are practically blue prints for a quality epic Black Metal song. I'll stop the fellation now. I just had the sudden urge to listen to these albums today, and while I should hope most of the people who use my blog have listened to them, I wanted to share them anyway. Enjoy. Oh, and R.I.P. Quorthon, etc.

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