Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wolves in the Throne Room

Band: Wolves in the Throne Room
Formed In: 2004
Genre: Black Metal
Country of Origin: USA

Album: Diadem of Twelve Stars
Year: 2006

  1. Queen of the Borrowed Light
  2. Face in a Night Time Mirror, Part 1
  3. Face in a Night Time Mirror, Part 2
  4. (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars

Album: Two Hunters
Year: 2007

Track Listing:
  1. Dea Artio
  2. Vastness and Sorrow
  3. Cleansing
  4. I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots

Wolves in the Throne Room are unique as far as Black Metal bands go, and not just because of their music. To quote Metal Archives: "The band’s ideology is quite different from many Black Metal bands. In interviews Wolves in the Throne Room have shown respect for left wing politics, radical environmentalism and “eco feminism”." Not only that, but some (possibly all, I can't recall, I read the review quite a while ago) of the band members live on a farm and farm their own food, making themselves almost entirely autonomous. Their rustic, focused and environmentally friendly outlook goes so far as to seep into their music: the music is incredibly organic. It feels like a product grown from nature itself. With the exception of "Dea Artio" from Two Hunters, all of the songs on their two full lengths are exceptionally long and make use of the time to explore Black Metal's capability for unorthodox song structure. The songs are as sprawling as a forest, rolling through many emotions and utilizing both harsh and beautiful riffs to create interesting and expressive walls of sound; their music forms a tapestry, so to speak. One thing I particularly like about them is the ocassional use of female vocals on both albums, which I find particularly stunning in "Cleansing" from Two Hunters. To come up for air and wrap this clogged paragraph up, I'll just say this: Wolves are a fantastic band who've created original, artistic Black Metal. So listen. Or you suck.

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