Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blacklodge - SolarKult

Band: Blacklodge
Album: SolarKult
Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Country of Origin: France
Year: 2006

Track Listing:
  1. ftp://SolarKult.NeXus
  2. Mission
  3. Iron Icon
  4. PsychoActive SataN
  5. 11rd Eye Chemistry
  6. Drugz Mysticism [#A:Vision]
  7. TeknoShaman 666
  8. Luxifer Meme
  9. Prequel to the Kult
  10. Angels Refinery [C21H23NO5 MiX]
  11. Martyr Complex
  12. Forge=PhoeniX
  13. Templars
Blacklodge are yet another band that infuse Electronica sounds into their music. However, unlike many bands, they do not play Post-Black Metal. They take a more traditional form of Black Metal, riff-wise, and put it into a bizarre setting. There are some odd riffs here and there, but for the most put it's straight Black Metal, infused with techno beats and sounds. While there is occassionally the use of synthesized drum sounds, for the most part the procussion section consists of Electronic beats and various synth effects. Their vocalist is also atypical. It's hard to describe what is vocals sound like so you'd have to listen but needless to say, they're rather odd. It all blends together into a very bizarre yet awesome sound. Definately stuff for a fan of bands like Aborym and Dødheimsgard (at least their later works).

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