Friday, March 7, 2008

Kriegsmaschine - Altered States of Divinity

Band: Kriegsmascgine
Album: Altered States of Divinity
Genre: Black Metal
Country of Origin: Poland
Year: 2005

Track Listing:
  1. Ma'aseh Bereshit
  2. Altered States Of Divinity
  3. Through The Eyes Of The Blind
  4. Beyond The Veil
  5. Prism
  6. Nihilation
  7. Kerigma
Kriegsmaschine ("war machine" in German; remember: Black Metal ist krieg!) is another banding riding that wave of "Orthodox" Black Metal that takes a more intelligent, religious approach to Black Metal, a notable example being France's Deathspell Omega. Kriegsmaschine show both unspeakable fury and ritualistic yet demented "calmness." Their music breathes a malevolent intelligence. It's evil yet calculated rather than wanton. They represent the aspect of Satan not as a bloody thirsty killing machine like many Black Metal bands, but rather as the tempter and cruel planner, as the tempter of Jesus in the desert or of Eve in Eden. The album is full of excellent, dark riffs and notably, amazing and audible basslines. It's no surprise that this album is brilliant, though, as it contains both members of Poland's astoundingly brilliant Mgła (I really should post some of their stuff here); M. from Mgła is Kriegsmaschine's main vocalist and he adds brilliantly. He sounds deranged and sinister, like a priest of Satan enraptured in fervor and shrieking in pained tongues. Anyway, enough analogies. Just download the album.

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